My Way of Working

The Yogic Leadership Coaching is for Leaders and Change-Makers who want to achieve a great leap in transformation for:
  • Themselves
  • Their work/organisation
  • Their family/friends
  • Their communities
Who are ready and willing to do the inner work to reach their Highest Potential and realise their soul’s calling and dharma.

Who feel called to bring more and more the Divine and the Self-Realised Kriya Yoga Masters into their workplace

Releasing Energy Blockages

Our work together focuses first on transforming your current energy towards what you want to achieve. We use Yogic techniques for

  • Releasing Energy blockages
  • Re-directing your flow of energy towards your Soul’s Calling / Dharma

Increase your Divine Powers

We will work together to increase your ability to work and live more and more attuned to your Divine Powers and the Divine Will by, for example,

  • Strengthening your intuition
  • Developing the power of your brain/mind
  • Accessing the intelligence of your heart

We will also work with insights from neuroscience and neurocardiology which supports the Yogic Wisdom.

Creating Practical & Divine Solutions

With over 25 years of international business experience in different types of organisations and in different cultural and social settings, I will support you in a variety of organisational challenges with solutions and inspirations which will benefit everyone.

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